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Gut Punch, Female Catfight, Barefoot Fight



Frequently  Asked  Questions 


1)  How much does it cost to join?

  • $19 for the first 30 days, then $15 recurring every 30 days
  • $26 for 60 days recurring (equivalent to $13 per month)
  • $33 for 90 days recurring (equivalent to $11 per month

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2)    Where do the Female Fighters come from?

   Our gorgeous competitors come from Hollywood and Las Vegas, home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. We carefully select only those with the most heart and determination and they must have knockout power as well as looks. Our women warriors include adult film stars, professional wrestlers, actresses and even some everyday women who just love to fight.


3)  Can I buy videos of the Fight Club battles?

     Yes, these matches are available in either DVD-R or Videotape (NTSC & PAL) formats HERE 


4)  Do you offer custom matches?

  Yes, this is a popular option for some of our members. The cost of such a match will vary depending on the number of competitors, the type and length of the action and whether the resulting video can be released to all of the Fight Club members.


5)  How do I cancel my membership?

  All of our billing services are handled by . Please submit all cancelation requests to them. Of course, we hope you are satisfied with the Fight Club (including gut punch, female catfight, barefoot fight) and will not be leaving. If there are any questions, comments or especially suggestions, please send them to